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The Night of the Fury - Manaus Siege

Nos últimos três séculos, um pacto foi estabelecido entre os metamorfos Balam e os membros da Camarilla da cidade de Manaus. Ela assegurou uma existencia calma, livre dos lobisomens. Mas... ultimamente, as coisa começaram a mudar. A cada noite mais sinais da presença dos Garou são notados. Agora os filhos de Caim se juntarão para a resistencia final. "Qui desiderat pacem, preparet bellum" "Se queres a paz , preparate para a guerra!" Vegetius

Com esta introdução anunciamos há quase quatro anos atrás o primeiro storyline desenvolvido em Manaus. Este torneio foi simples e teve apenas uma mesa de jogadores (Infelizmente não registramos nenhuma foto), mas foi muito divertido e competitivo.
Uma de nossas idéias para comemorar os cinco anos de nosso grupo de jogadores e refaze-lo.
A seguir, a lista da cartas que criamos para o torneio.
Claudia Camargo, The Mentor
Camarilla Prince of Manaus. Claudia can play cards of any discipline that another vampire you control has, as though she has the basic level of the same discipline. Master discipline card played on her grant the superior level of that discipline as if other vampire you control has the superior level. She can prevent 1 dmage each combate.

Receita Federal
Master. Tap during a sucess equiping action. The equipment cost is payed twice. Tap the equipment and put trhee taxation counter on it. Burn one taxation counter untap phase of the equipment controller. The equipment can't be used until the last counter is burned.

Balam Manao Guardian of tradition
Unique Werewolf with 3 life
1 strength. 0 bleed.
+2 intercept. Balam Manaó cannot take (D) actions.
He may strike for 1R damage with an optional maneuver once each combat.
Once in each action he can burn a life to play cards requiring basic animalism or spiritus as a vampire with a capacity of 3.
Any cost in blood is paid with his life.
If a card would give him blood, give him life instead.
If Balam Manaó has less than 3 life during your untap phase, he gains 1 life from the blood bank.

Amazonas Theater, Manaus Opera House
Master: Unique Location
All Daughters of Cacophony loses her abilities.
Tap this card during a referendum, before any vote is declared: any vampire voting in this referendum is tapped.
Tap this card during a referendum, before any vote is declared: any titled vampire has only 1 vote (The Prisci Block has just 1 vote). The vampires may still increase his or her votes.

War of Amazon
Every vampire engaged in combat takes 1 damage duringthe press stepin the last round. This damage cannot be prevented.

In the last three centuries, a pact was established between the Balam shapeshifters and the Camarilla Kindred of the city of Manaus. It have been assured a calm existence, free from the werewolves.
But... lately, the things began to change. Every night more signs of the Garou presence are noticed. Now the Children of Cain and the Werejaguars join for the last stand.
"Qui desiderat pacem, preparet bellum"
"If you want peace, prepare for war!"

With this introduction we announced nearly four years ago the first storyline developed in Manaus. This tournament was simple and had only one table of players (Unfortunately we register no photo), but it was very funny and competitive.
One of our ideas to celebrate the five years of our players group is to replay it.
You can read above the text of the cards that we created for the tournament.
Claudia Camargo The Mediator, Balam Manaó Guardian of the Tradition, Receita Federal, Amazonas Theater Opera House, War of Amazon.

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